Clearwater Long Distance FAQ

Clearwater Long Distance FAQ

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What options are available for long distance moving in Clearwater, FL?

With full service moving, the Clearwater movers in Florida come and pack your things, load them into the moving van, and move them to your new address. With Clearwater self-service moving, you pack your own stuff and load it yourself, and a Clearwater moving company moves it for you. With do-it-yourself moving, you do everything yourself.

How can help me with my long distance move in Clearwater, Florida ?

We can help you choose the long distance Clearwater moving company that's right for you. We also arrange all the moving services so you don't have to!

What information do I need to request a long distance moving quote for Clearwater?

To request a quote online, you'll need to know the date of your move, the address you're moving to and the address you're moving from.

Do I need insurance for the items I'm moving?

Although your items will be treated with care, accidents do happen when you move. Check to see if coverage for moving in Clearwater, FL is included on your homeowner's policy, and get more coverage if needed.

Why should I use

We've been in the Clearwater moving services business for years. We are the nation's largest moving broker. You can have confidence in the services we provide. With, a Clearwater Certified Moving Consultant will help you plan your move. If you need additional long distance moving services in Clearwater, FL, we'll coordinate them for you. Also, we get great discounts on moving services from the moving companies we work with.

Moving Needs

Whatever your moving needs - local moving, in-state moving, corporate relocation, auto transporting, or long distance moving Clearwater Movers has the solution to deliver the best possible move. Call 1 727-217-5525, or request a free moving quote