Planning & Preparing

Planning & Preparing

Moving to a new place, a new job, or a new home can be the fulfillment of a dream, but once the reality sets in of where, when, and how it will all happen, you may want to crawl back under the covers. However, with proper planning and preparation, moving can be an enjoyable experience, merging your dreams with a reality that's not so painful.

First, start dreaming and decide where you will move. Research the city or cities on your list and then look for housing options, cost-of-living analysis, and job market offerings. What will be the benefits and/or drawbacks of moving? Will you have better job opportunities? Will you be closer to family or friends? What are your entertainment and transportation options? What is the weather like? Deciding where you will move should include all of these factors for a tailor-made decision.

Once you have made the decision to move, you must find new housing, sell your existing home or end your lease, search for another job, talk with your present employer about your departure date, search for schools for your children, and hire a moving company – not an exhaustive list by any means, and not always in that order! But, fear not! All of these tasks can happen gradually. Taking a step-by-step approach to executing your decision to move will give you a better idea of when you can make your move happen.

The “how” of moving involves a three-step process:

Organize your belongings

Deciding what you want to move and what will go. Once organized, you must pack up your personal property for transport.

Pack it up!

Boxes, tape, and labels will get everything in order for your move. Once you have the necessary supplies, start packing!

The final step

The final step in getting your stuff from here to there will be to hire a professional moving company.

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