Vehicle Transportation FAQ Guide

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Vehicle Transportation FAQ Guide

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How much will I have to pay for vehicle transportation in Clearwater , FL?

The amount you pay for vehicle transportation in Clearwater , FL is usually determined by the distance the car is being moved, whether you want your car transported in an open carrier or a closed carrier, and the type and condition of your vehicle. For example, if your car isn't running, there's a fee for the extra effort required to get it on the Clearwater car carrier.

How should I prepare my car to be transported?

First, take all of your personal belongings out of the car. Then, inspect your car for damages so you'll be able to tell if any additional damages happen during the move.

What if I need a specific date and time to hand over my car to the Clearwater vehicle transportation company?

If you need a specific date and time to drop off and pick up your car, you may be better off using terminal-to-terminal car transport instead of door-to-door car transport. At the terminal, you can leave and pick up your car at your convenience in Clearwater .

Do I need additional insurance for vehicle transportation in Clearwater , FL?

It's important to ask your Clearwater car insurance company what your policy covers. Make sure to find out if the coverage is in effect while the car is being moved or not. Buy additional car insurance coverage if necessary.

Where can I find reliable Clearwater vehicle transportation companies?

At, our Clearwater Certified Moving Specialists can arrange all aspects of your move, including vehicle transportation.

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