Moving with Pets

Whether your best friend is furry, feathered, or feline, moving without him is not an option! When planning to move with your pet, follow these general guidelines:


Consult your local veterinarian or pet store for pet care transport tips that are specific for your animal.

When transporting your pet, tend to its comfort.

Move your pet with his favorite toys or blanket in a crate or confined space and only water or feed him once a day when exercise and bathroom breaks may be cut to a minimum. Deliver a tranquilizer or sedative, only if prescribed by your veterinarian, for a long plane or car ride and if your pet is anxious about travel.

Keep all of your pet's records

and supplies handy for your move in a prepared container for easy access, such as food, medication, identification, leashes, snacks, and a scooper or plastic bag, if necessary.

Once you have arrived to your new destination,

confine your pet in and around your new home for at least a week or two while he adjusts to his new surroundings, and provide him with as many familiar objects as possible while he settles in.

Veterinarian From

Finally, find a new veterinarian from a recommendation by your current vet or from the neighbors. Once your pet acclimates to his new environment, rest assured that he will love your new home as much as you do!

Moving Needs

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